At the universal level sacred space exists in and around Earth, as well as every planet, sun, star and nebula, and the space that surrounds all.

As a species, we are gradually reawakening to the awesome wonder of our planetary home, and of the universe in which it resides. Home can be understood at many levels. But just as with our personal dwelling places, our universe is no less available to be balanced and harmonized with. All the ways we can express ourselves in our homes are just as applicable at the planetary and universal levels.

We are becoming increasingly aware that there is no difference, no separation, between our inner and outer worlds, and we are moved to express our inner harmony in everything we touch. As we engage in inner listening and in being completely present to what surrounds us, we reconnect and reintegrate with the Eden that is our home, and with the amazing order that arises out of chaos.

Observing the dynamic movement of planets, stars, and galaxies, we start to understand the quote from the seventeenth century mathematician Johannes Kepler, that "God is a geometer and numbers have mystical significance". In the web sites listed on the Links and Books page you'll find the mysteries of geometry and numbers revealed in the science of Sacred Geometry.

Prepare to be amazed.

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