"The Web is an incredible learning tool that we can use to present and share information about endless topics including Sacred Space. I have personally reviewed each of the following web sites for richness of information and relavance to Maitrhea's vision."

– Sarah Susanka, Maitrhea's Founder

The Self: Links and Books offers information and perspective for incorporating Sacred Space into your personal, daily life.

The Family: Links and Books connects you with resources for implementing Sacred Space into your home and garden.

Society: Links and Books will introduce ways that we can come together in our communities and at retreat centers to create Sacred Space.

The Earth: Links and Books support the concept of Earth as our true home.

The Universe: Links and Books encourages you to look at the Universe in new ways, specifically focusing on Sacred Geometry and phenomenon such as Crop Circles.

Beyond: Links and Beyond: Books provide the teachings of spiritual masters, including the many ways to practice making your life a Sacred Space.

We are continually updating and adding to the lists of links and online resources. If you would like to make a recommendation, please send the full URL or book title in an email message to info@maitrhea.org.

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