At the family level Sacred Space exists in the home and in the surrounding garden.

At the family level, the home is our sacred space, the place to come together, to share time in a harmonious and trouble free environment. At its best, a home is a place of beauty and nurture, a place that serves well functionally, but that also inspires and heightens awareness of the joys of life in relationship with those we love. When the home is not attended to, not cared for, when it is inharmonious, if we look closely we'll find it to be a perfect reflection of our inner state of being as a household. In the same way, the garden can provide inspiration and respite as well. For many, connection to the land and to the cycles of nature provide a profound grounding and richness to daily life.

By making the home an expression of ourselves—our loves and passions, a place to exhibit those objects that hold special meaning for us perhaps, or a place filled with a sense of welcome—we in turn are molding and balancing not only the house but also ourselves. When the whole household engages in this activity, a new harmony of living in relationship with one another can be found.

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