Recommended Links
Beyond all levels the ultimate sacred space (which is really no space, no time, no thing) is pure Awareness.

The only way to change the world is to change ourselves. There is nothing to be done, ultimately, but to be receptive to the urgings of consciousness, and to attune ourselves through inner listening to the Present Moment.

Maitrhea’s name arose through this understanding. When the letters of its name are shuffled it spells both “I am Earth” and “I am Heart”. "EARTH" and "HEART" are composed of the very same five letters. Whether we are speaking of the individual, or of the universe, these five letters, together with I AM are the key that unlocks the true understanding of who and what we really are.

The web sites provided on the Recommended Links page will take you to some of the highest spiritual teachings available to us today. These are sites dedicated to the work and teachings of enlightenment. Though some of these teachers are no longer alive, their words still vibrate with the vitality of the Real. If you are seeking a spiritual teacher, these sites may help you on your way.

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